• Loans to/from other institutions: usually 20-40 I year, including California Academy of Sciences, Carnegie Museum, Cornell University, Brigham Young University, Field Museum (Chicago), Illinois Natural History Survey, Museum of Comparative Zoology (Harvard), Purdue University, and United States National Museum I Smithsonian Institution (USA), Canadian National Museum and Royal British Columbia Museum
    - (Canada), Australian National  Insect Collection and Australian National Museum
    - (Australia) Natural  History Museum (aka British Museum), Lund Museum (Sweden) and New Zealand Arthropod  Collection
  • Database entry (starting in 2011) for> 13,000 specimens
  • Digitization of approximately 6500 specimens on slides (2012-2013)
  • Digitization of pinned collection initiated in 2015
  • Classes using museum as resource
    • Aquatic Insects (A ECL I ENT 425 I 525)
    • Systematic Entomology (ENT 576)
    • Biomedical Illustration (BMI 337) NB: >20 BMI students used collection in 2013
  • Visitors: up to 30/year NOT counting students