The Crane flies (Diptera; Tipuloidea) of the Oriental Region

Crane fly flower
The Crane flies are the richest group of flies (Diptera) with over 15,000 described species. While much is known in terms of species numbers, work is still needed to fully understand the biology, diversity, distributions, and phylogenetic relationships of this diverse group of flies.

Although the Oriental Region contains nearly 3,500 described species of crane flies, the true number of potential species is likely to be much higher. Much of our knowledge of this region is limited to collections made in a few areas, largely from India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Great expanses of the Oriental Region are left virtually unknown and largely unsampled. In association with current research programs we are working to both expand our understanding of the true species richness of this diverse area and to provide taxonomic tools to simplify the process of specimen identification for the crane flies of the Oriental Region.

Download the Keys the Crane flies of the Oriental Region