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Iowa State University Entomology: Image Usage Policy

Copyright example

All images on the Iowa State University Entomology and Integrated Pest Management web sites are protected by copyright law. Most images contain a legible embedded copyright notice identifying the copyright owner, as shown in the example at right. Please contact the owner of the copyright regarding reuse permission. In some cases the copyright may be held by Iowa State University.

For images identified with "Copyright Marlin E. Rice" or "© Marlin E. Rice", please see this page.

Images without embedded copyright symbols are still copyrighted. For usage information regarding these images, please contact John VanDyk.

May I use your images on my website?

No, you may not. Please link to our Image Gallery pages from your site instead; that's one of the reasons we have each image set up on its own page. On your server you may use the thumbnail version of the image to link to the image page.

Note to students doing projects

One of the most frequent questions we get goes something like this:

I'm doing a science project on mosquitoes and I'd like to use your images on my report/presentation/poster. May I have permission to do this?
Here's your answer: yes, you may, provided that you give proper credit on your report and the use of the image is nonprofit, educational use. When you use other people's work, you must give them credit. For example, if you do use a mosquito picture in your science fair presentation, it must include credit in a form similar to the following:
Mosquito images courtesy of John VanDyk, Iowa State University Department of Entomology.
We also request that you include our URL (https://www.ent.iastate.edu/) so that others can see the original source of the image themselves -- especially if it's in a printed report of some kind.

© 1999 Iowa State University Entomology Department. Last modified October 19, 1999 by John VanDyk.