Undergraduate Study in Entomology

Note: an undergraduate degree in Insect Science is no longer offered; a minor degree is currently offered. A minor in Insect Science will provide students with a foundation in the biological sciences with an emphasis on insects. Studying entomology prepares students for positions in industry, government, education, and public health. Chemical and seed companies, pest management or consulting firms, and horticultural nurseries employ insect scientists. State and federal agencies employ need consultants, extension directors, mosquito abatement agents, and research aides. Other possibilities are advanced graduate degrees in academia or professional degrees in the medical or veterinary fields.

Minor - Global Health

Minor in Global Health Effective Summer 2020

The Global Health minor is a transdisciplinary program designed for students who seek a broad and flexible set of skills for understanding contemporary health challenges and broad-based thinking in finding solutions. Humans are at the core of Global Health, which is viewed and addressed through an understanding of disease, disease transmission, health and well-being. Global health incorporates all cultures and places and integrates knowledge of health's social, anthropological, historical, biological, and ecological dimensions. The program cultivates capacities to deal with complex problems across disciplines and social constructs: how to identify the critical issues, ask the right questions, and create solutions that are meaningful, lasting and effective.

Minor: Insect Science

The department offers a minor in Insect Science that may be earned by completing ENT 370 Insect Biology and 12 credits in courses selected from an approved list supplied by the department. Contact Russell Jurenka rjurenka@iastate.edu

Minor: Emerging Global Diseases

Entomology administers the Emerging Global Diseases minor. Core courses address the biology of emerging disease agents (e.g., protozoa, fungi, microbes, and viruses), the clinical manifestations and epidemiology of emerging diseases, and the impact of those diseases on human interactions and socioeconomics. Contact Russell Jurenka rjurenka@iastate.edu for more information. If you'd like to apply for admission to Iowa State University, see the Iowa State admissions page. Related information: