Edmund J Norris

Graduate Assistant-Research
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After working in the mosquito-control industry for a year, I learned the basics of mosquito biology, novel insecticide discovery, and current techniques used in controling mosquito populations throughout the world. I realized that through integrated pest management strategies (IPM), responsible use of insecticides, and new research into how mosquitoes interact with their environment, the burden to public health caused by mosquitoes could be effectively mitigated. In January 2014, I started as a PhD student in the pesticide toxicology group. Currently, I am interested in how novel compounds isolated from plants could be employed as potential new insecticides, insecticide synergists, or repellents. Resistance to insecticides has become a huge obstacle in the ongoing battle to decrease disease-vectoring mosquito populations throughout the world. Hopefully, our research will facilitate the creation of new insecticidal formulations or repellents which may better curb mosquito populations that have developed resistance to a large majority of available insecticides currently on the market. 

Area of Expertise: 
Insecticide Toxicology
B.S., Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Illinois, 2011
+1 708 363 3223
112 Insectary Building