pea aphids

It rained, and we still have insects in our crops

Soybean Pest Podcast

Erin and Matt make it back for a second episode. There is a lot of soybean aphid talk in this episode, maybe, maybe too much talk. For a summary of some of that talk, check out this link (

If you get through the first 15 minutes and are still awake there is another 12 minutes about the following:

  • Pea aphids on alfalfa in northern Iowa, may be insecticide resistant.
  • Japanese beetle adults have emerged, look to them feeding on corn and soybean. Erin notes that the defoliation on younger soybeans is not 'more bad' than defoliation on older soybeans, it just looks worse because the beans are so small.
  • Outside of crop pests, Erin shares a finding of 'kissing bugs' in Nebraska. This is a vector of Chagas disease, which can be lethal.
  • Matt gives Erin a FIT that involves this picture (what is the insect, listen to the podcast to find out).

  • Erin is doing field days throughout the northern part of the state and at FEEL in central Iowa. Check her twitter account for details.
  • Matt and many others are sharing their interests, research some swag at the Pollinator Fest at Reiman gardens:
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