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11th anniversary of the Yellow Book for soybean aphid

Soybean Pest Podcast

Today in this podcast, Matt and Erin talk about a new publication summarizing insecticide evaluations for soybean aphid. The Yellow Book for soybean aphid starting in 2005 in response to a growing demand to manage this invasive pest. Matt was up for the challenge and passed the torch to Erin in 2009. Now the evaluations are at 2 ISU Research Farms and include 25+ treatments annually. You can access all the Yellow Books FREE on their lab website:


Matthew C Kaiser

Matthew C Kaiser photo
Postdoc Research Associate
Area of Expertise: 
Insect Ecology, Biological control, Host Plant Resistance


Our extension program is led by Dr. Erin Hodgson, and Dr. O’Neal and many lab members also participate in programs throughout the year. We are focused on delivering research-based information to a variety of clientele. Our group serves farmers, crop consultants, agricultural professionals and other university/extension personnel. Most of our programs are within the state of Iowa, but we travel throughout the Midwest to deliver content. Read more about Extension

Jessica D Hohenstein

Postdoc Research Associate
Area of Expertise: 
Plant and Insect Genetics, Insect Resistance Management