Soybean Pest Podcast

by Matt O'Neal and Erin Hodgson

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Drs. Matt O’Neal and Erin Hodgson created a podcast to promote IPM concepts, like identification, sampling, economic thresholds, and insecticide efficacy. They also talk about updates on invasive pests and regulatory news, and translate new research relative to insects in agriculture.

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Calm before the (or a) storm?

Soybean Pest Podcast

It's a low-key episode that features new intro and outro-music and a new pest noted in our round up (grasshoppers).

Erin's had a long week talking about corn rootworms. We recap the current insect species occuring in soybean fields (grasshoppers, Japanese beetles, soybean aphids, a mix of caterpillars). Some pests are no longer present on the plants as the second generation is developing as immature stages in the soil. These are gall midges and bean leaf beetles. Matt tries to bring her spirits up with two trivia question. The first is a bit silly, noting the music videos on youtube that have been viewed over one billion times. The second question is a FIT that Erin gets immediately. Erin's on a roll.

see you next week, and as always, consider scouting your fields.



Erin and Matt are back from a skipping a week. Erin shares a observations from around the state of a several different insect pest sightings, including japanese beetles, thistle caterpillars, and soybean aphids. This includes a discussion of Brian Lange's discovery of soybean aphids in north east Iowa. Erin also shares a first! Below is a link to the longer article about scouting for corn rootworm larvae.

Matt's been writing grants and a little out of it, but he took some time to challenge Erin and our listener with a Fun Insect Trivia. (Hint: its an insect).

Stay safe!





Erin and Matt talk about insects pests showing up in places other than soybeans, like alfalfa and the twin cities. Some are currently causing problems and others may be a problem in the future.

Aphids in alfalfa:

There are stalk borers on the move:

Want to learn more about soybean gall midge (of course you do):

Khapra beetle citing in MN:

Matt gives a FIT with a bonus question and then goes on a historical tangent about the history of an ecological phenomenon described as "persistent and straightened-out movement effected by the animal’s own locomotory exertions or by its active embarkation on a vehicle.  It depends on some temporary inhibition of station-keeping responses, but promotes their eventual disinhibition and recurrence."

This FIT was inspired by the recent book, Tne Next Great Migration written by Sonia Shah.






In this episode, Matt and Erin quickly review current pest activity given slightly behind degree days in 2020. 


In this episode, Matt and Erin quickly review current pest activity given slightly behind degree days in 2020. 


Matt and Erin welcome a special guest in this episode - Ashley Dean. The conversation revolves around early-season pests, like grubs, and scouting reminders. Also, Ashley shares updates on her moth trapping network and corn rootworm trapping network for Iowa. 


Matt and Erin are back in the swing of podcasting after a long winter. But the pandemic means they can record the episode in their sweatpants! Matt provides an update on brown marmorated stink bug, an invasive species on the rise in Iowa and Japanese beetle activity. Erin gives a short recap of recent pest conditions in soybean, noting wireworms. Matt wraps up the conversation with a newly-designed F.I.T. 


Matt and Erin took a 9-month break, but they promised to post more regular podcasts this year with Season 11. Erin provides a brief summary of statewide pest activity, including bean leaf beetle, seedcorn maggot, and alfalfa weevils. The first painted lady butterflies were also noted in Iowa over the weekend. Lastly, Matt poses the latest F.I.T. and talks about an invasive insect into North America.

Matt O'Neal.Erin Hodgson.


Today, Matt and Erin recap insect activity around Iowa. They also discuss implications of the dry weather for 2019. 


After a break, Matt and Erin get together for episode 3 in 2019. Erin mentioned a flash drought is expected this week if high temperatures continue throughout Iowa. This could have implications for pest management - slowing down soybean aphid but perhaps accelerating twospotted spider mite. Erin also highlights current pest activity in field crops, including corn rootworm and Japanese beetle. But they spent some time talking about the newest pest in Iowa, soybean gall midge. So many unanswered questions, but it appears this will be an economic soybean pest. Matt comes back to an older podcast episode where they reviewed the cancellation of sulfoxaflor insecticide. It was recently registered (again) by the EPA and will be labeled in soybean. This insecticide offers an alternative mode of action for soybean aphid. Finally, Matt brings up a F.I.T. that is about isopods. 


In the second episode of season 10, Matt and Erin talk about recent planting conditions in Iowa and the midwest. It's behind for corn and beans, and for their research this summer, too. Matt explores recent cool, wet temps and the Drought Monitor. He poses a question...what's the opposite of a drought? Lastly, Matt has an interesting F.I.T. from Cleveland, OH this year. 


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