Dr. Adam G Dolezal

Postdoc Research Associate
Dr. Adam G Dolezal photo

I joined the Toth laboratory in EEOB in 2012, and have been also working with Prof. Matt O'Neal in the Soybean Research group since around 2013.  I  predominantly investigate the interaction of environmental stresses (nutrition, pathogen, pesticide)  on honey bee health. I have also worked on similar questions studying native and solitary bees. These studies have spanned from highly-controlled laboratory studies to state-wide honey bee surveys involving dozens of cooperator beekeepers. 

My main interests include studying how the landscape honey bees live in contributes to different types of stresses on bees and how these stressors interact to affect physiological, transcriptomic,  and behavioral changes in bees.  Currently, I am working on how these factors are related to bees in intensive agricultural landscapes, particularly soybean agriculture in Iowa. I am also very interested in beekeeping and pollinator education; in addition to presenting at many beekeeping and gardening clubs, field days, and other events, I am also instructing at course in pollinator management in Fall 2015 (Entomology 358X).

Area of Expertise: 
Insect Physiology
Insect Behavior
Honey bee biology
Ph.D., Biology, Arizona State University 2012
B.S., Integrative Biology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2006
+1 515 294 3523
251 Bessey