Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site

This is a web site to coordinate observations of territorial behavior, migration, life history, population studies, seasonal variations in abundance and body size, and number of broods per year (voltinism) of butterflies in the genus Vanessa, including Vanessa atalanta, V. cardui, V. virginiensis, V. annabella, V. tameamea, and V. kershawi. (Red Admiral, Painted Lady, American Lady, West Coast Lady, Kamehameha Butterfly, and Australian Painted Lady).

The Soybean Entomology Lab is a diverse group of field entomologists, and combines research and extension programs from Drs. O'Neal and Hodgson. Together, they conduct studies to understand more about landscape ecology and IPM.

Current Job Opportunities

Job board managed by Iowa State University NREM Student Services. Includes many jobs in entomology.

Theses and dissertations from graduates of the Department of Entomology

Entomology Publications in the Iowa State Digital Repository

Downloadable PDFs of publications on entomological subjects from the Entomology section of the Iowa State Digital Repository.

Pesticide Safety Education Program

Provides information about the environmental impact of pesticides. Includes information about training, worker protection standards and an application that aids in pesticide record keeping.

The European Corn Borer

Information about the European corn borer, including identification, management, and examples of crop damage.

Soybean Aphid Information

Listing of podcasts about soybean aphids, including population estimates and management methods. Website also contains resources about soybean aphids, including news releases, outside resources about soybean aphids, a soybean aphid seasonal activity timeline, and instructions for identification.

Corn Rootworm | Aaron Gassmann Laboratory

Listing of reports regarding the usage of insecticides on corn rootworm and other corn pests. Published annually.

Horticulture and Home Pest News

A newsletter that offers information and resources about gardening, pest population trends and management, and tree maintenance. Published bi-weekly.

Crop News - Integrated Crop Management (ICM) Newsletter

News and updates about crop management research, focused on pest management and crop diseases.