Photograph of Bryony Bonning
Insect Pathology, Insect Physiology, Biotechnology
Photograph of Steven Bradbury
Environmental Toxicology, Pesticide Risk Assessment
profile picture of Joel Coats
Distinguished Professor
Insect Toxicology, Environmental Toxicology
Photograph of Diane Debinski
Department Chair, Evolutionary Biology
Conservation Biology, Restoration Ecology
Photograph of Mark Gleason
Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables
Photograph of Mary Harris
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Entomology, Wildlife Biology, Pollination Biology
Photograph of Erin W. Hodgson
Associate Professor, Extension Entomologist, ANR Crops Team Leader
Field Crop Insects, Integrated Pest Management
Photo of Donald Lewis next to the building sign that says "Insectary"
Urban Entomology, Distance Education
Photograph of Matt O'Neal
Associate Professor
Insect Ecology, Integrated Pest Management
Photograph of Lisa Schulte Moore
Associate Proessor
Landscape Ecology
Photograph of Amy Toth
Assistant Professor
Eusocial Evolution


Photograph of Elizabeth Buffington
Extension Program Specialist III
Pesticide Education
Randall Cass
Extension Entomologist
honey bees, native bees, pollinators
Photograph of Adam Dolezal
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Eusocial Evolution
Photograph of Laura Jesse
Extension Program Specialist IV
Integrated Pest Management, Diagnostics, Entomology
Photograph of Ginny Morgal with a Chilean rose hair tarantula on her shoulder
Program Coordinator
Community Outreach

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship

Apiary Management
Bureau Chief
Pesticide Risk Assessment
State Entomologist