Seth R Appelgate

Agricultural Specialist III
Seth R Appelgate

Seth is the research agronomist for the Iowa State University Monarch Research Team. The ISU Monarch Research Team is working to develop science based approaches to conserve the Eastern Monarch Butterfly population in Iowa and the Midwest. One focus of the team is to establish monarch habitat across the state of Iowa for the purpose of research. Seth's role is to develop, execute, and direct all decision making, field operations, and data collection for national, state, and industry grants related to monarch habitat establishment and monitoring. Seth is working to develop a Monarch Habitat Establishment Guide which will provide a step by step process of how to establish diverse native plantings to benefit monarchs and pollinators. Seth supervises summer field crews, coordinates with cooperators/farmers, and extends research through written publications and oral presentations. 

Seth recently graduated from Iowa State University with a Master of Science degree in Crop Production and Physiology. His graduate work examined a diversity of cover crops and cover crop mixtures for corn/soybean systems and is published in Agronomy Journal.

Area of Expertise: 
Prairie Establishment
B.S., Agronomy, Iowa State University, 2014
M.S., Crop Production and Physiology, Iowa State University, 2016
+1 515 294 0668
7 Genetics Lab 2333 Pammel Dr