Mr. Randy R Ritland

Ag Tech/Usda
Randy Ritland image

Graduated with B.S. degree 1979 from ISU. Farmed at Hubbard, IA from 1979 to present raising corn, soybeans and hogs. 1993 worked night shift at Lenox Mfg in Marshalltown, IA for 5 months. Worked night shift at Record Printing in Story City, 1993 - 1995. Started at USDA ARS CICGRU 1995 to present. 3 yrs with corn breeding and  16 yrs so far with Corn Insects. Located in Genetics Lab, ISU.

Area of Expertise: 
Field Crops
B.S. Iowa State University
Farm Operations and Agriculture Business B. S. degree
+1 515 294 5751
48 Genetic Lab