Benjamin D Brenizer

Research Associate II

I worked in Dr. Gassmann's lab for three and a half years while obtaining my B.S. in Animal Ecology. I then spent a year as an intern at DM Crop Research Group, where I gained valuable experience in raising corn rootworm, raising fall armyworm, helping with soil sampling, collecting adult corn rootworm from tent studies, doing stand counts in corn and soybeans, and assisting with planting and harvesting of research plots. Currently I work in Dr. Gassmann's lab rearing corn rootworm for researching Bt resistance. I also raise corn for single plant bioassays.

Area of Expertise: 
Corn Pest Managment
AAS, Criminal Justice, IHCC, 2011
BS, Animal Ecology, Iowa State University, 2014
+1 563 880 2523
2011 ATRB 2213 Pammel Drive