A Comprehensive Assessment of Aviary Laying-Hen Housing System in the Midwest

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 3:00pm
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1420 Molecular Biology Bldg.

Hongwei Xin, Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and Animal Science ABE Associate Chair for Research; Director of Egg Industry Center

ABSTRACT: This talk will describe the results of a field study that continually monitors two side-by-side aviary laying-hen houses with 50,000 hens each over a full production cycle (18 – 80 weeks) in Iowa. The collected data include indoor environment (air temperature, relative humidity, ammonia, carbon dioxide and particulate matter concentrations), building ventilation rate, air emissions, fuel and electric energy use, welfare (feather coverage and keel bone deformation) scores, litter use behavior, and hen production performance (feed use, water use, egg production, mortality, feed conversion). This study is the first in the Nation that intensively evaluates the operational characteristics of the aviary hen housing system.