The Insect Zoo's Live with the Giant Asian Hornet

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The Insect Zoo's Live with Josh Byrne's Favorite Bugs!
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The Insect Zoo's Facebook Live presentation with graduated student Josh Byrne!

You can visit our Facebook page here

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The Insect Zoo, like countless other zoos, nature and wildlife centers, butterfly houses, etc. relies on admission and program fees to stay afloat. During this time of COVID-19 we are unable to teach our Iowa youth through in person programming.

The Insect Zoo sees over 39,000 Iowa youth each year.

Over 50 programs have been cancelled from March 13th-May 31st and many, many more throughout the summer are cancelled and will continue to be cancelled.

We need your support! For over 20 years the Insect Zoo has brought great hands-on, educational programming throughout the great state of Iowa. We continue to do that today, just virtually!

Since our Facebook live series began, we have reached almost 50,000 people worldwide!

We are making 15 minute chapter videos on bugs and hope to have the first release in June!

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