Insect Zoo Fees

The Insect Zoo charges the following fees for our programs and displays

Please fill out a request form for a precise quote. Quotes will not be given via email or phone.

Fees are per program, not per child. The same fee will be assessed if there are 30 participants or 1. 

Please note that our geographic range is limited to the state of Iowa.

School programs  (Hands-on) are $125.00 per 1-hour session. (Limit of 30 participants per program)

Non-school programs (Hands-on) are $150.00 per 1-hour session. (Limit of 30 participants per program)

School Display are $250.00 per 1-hour session. (Limit of 65 participants per program)

Large Group programs** SPECIAL REQUEST ONLY. are $250.00 per 1-hour session. (Unlimited participants) Only available weekends and summer.

Birthday parties are $195.00 and include a 1-hour session with bugs plus an insect themed art project and an Insect Zoo t-shirt for the birthday child.

Displays are $400.00 for the first 2 hours and $195.00 for each additional hour. (Minimum of 2 hours) Only available on evenings, weekends and all summer. 

Family visits with a reservation are $9.00 per person. Family visits are 1 hour with a limit of 7 people.

Story Time with Bugs programs are $75.00 per 30 minute program. (Limit of 15 participants per program)

Insect Themed art can be added for an additional $50 per 30 participants.

Mileage rate for 202 is $.67 per mile, round-trip.