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We ARE taking requsts for SUMMER 2023. Secure your date TODAY! 


Two Summer 2022 options available: 

NO LONGER BOOKING: Traveling Bug Camp:

($375 plus mileage) 2-hour bug camp for up to 30 participants (requires 2 volunteers from location for camper/adult ratio). Recommended for ages 2nd grade and up. 

Campers will dive deep into the world of arthropods with a breakdown of classes and insect orders. They will go on a guided bug hunt in their neighborhood, collect and identify insects and release them back into the wild. Campers will go home with a quick guide to entomology and insect identification. You can add on a 1-hour display for an additional $150 for campers and the general public. 

NO LONGER BOOKING Bring Those Bugs Inside:

($200 plus mileage) 1-hour display (No limit on participants).

Invite your whole town to check out over 100 species of living arthropods, on display in your own space! Knowledgeable Insect Zoo staff will talk about the animals on display and help you handle millipedes, beetles, walking sticks and more! Bring in your photos of bugs to be identified or even the bug itself!


The Insect Zoo charges the following fees for our programs and displays

Virtual programs are $75 per 1-hour session for classroom size programs, $100 for large group programs. (No limit on participants. We do suggest no more than 50 in each virtual program)

School programs are $100.00 per 1-hour session. (Limit of 30 participants per program)

Non-school programs are $125.00 per 1-hour session. (Limit of 30 participants per program)

Large Group programs are $200.00 per 1-hour session. (Unlimited participants) Only available weekends and summer.

Please fill out a request form for a precise quote. Quotes will not be given via email or phone.

Please note that our geographic range is limited to the state of Iowa.

Community Outreach

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The Insect Zoo's Mission to Spread Bug Love

We at the Insect Zoo just want everyone to love bugs!

Check out this video made by CALS which talks a little bit about the impact the Insect Zoo has on our great state of Iowa. 

If you are interested in having the Insect Zoo visit you, fill out a request form!

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Teacher Resources

Use this vocab sheet to learn about the Honeypot Ants!

After learning the Honeypot Ant vocab words, use this word find as a fun way to reinforce those words!

There is also an answer key.

You can print these fun coloring sheets for your learners!