EEB 585: Natural History of the Southern Appalachians

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  • Mostly a blur

    Day One

    Saturday, March 13: We drove more-or-less non-stop to HBS, arriving at 11PM. The station is within easy driving distance of CHL, GSMNP, and piedmont areas of South Carolina. At HBS we stayed in “Valentine House,” which had all the amenities of home (e.g., beds, showers, laundry, kitchen).

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  • Arrival

    Day Two

    Sunday, March 14: A day of recovery and activities at Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory, including our "bioblitz." Results of the bioblitz are available via the Coweeta data catalog.

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  • Highlands Biological Station

    Day Three

    Monday, March 15: The day began with an introduction to HBS by Dr. Robert Wyatt, who presented information on general features of the area, research conducted at HBS, and courses offered during the summer. Later in the day we toured several local waterfalls, ending the day at Brasstown Creek.

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  • Vista near Newfound Gap

    Day Four

    Tuesday, March 16: In the morning we visited the Twin Creeks Ranger Station, GSMNP, and met with Dr. Chuck Parker, who presented a lecture on the ATBI in GSMNP. We then took a hike at Fort Harry Creek.

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  • Woolly Adelgid Research

    Day Five

    Wednesday, March 17: We started the day on the Clemson University campus at the "Cherry Farm", then visited the collection of arthropods on the main campus, and ended the day at the Clemson Issaqueena Experimental Forest.

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  • Coweeta Introduction

    Day Six

    Thursday, March 18: Another day at Coweeta, including a lecture by Dr. Brian Kloeppel and a tour of several research plots at the LTER site.

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  • Cataloochee Creek

    Day Seven

    Friday, March 19: We returned to GSMNP (upper Cataloochee Basin) for some hiking, wildlife observation, and fly collecting.

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  • Day Eight

    Saturday, March 20: The return to Iowa, another blur... and no images

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