Navigating the challenges of Cooperative Extension in changing times: From the farm to the forest.

Monday, September 23, 2019 - 4:10pm
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Dr. David Coyle, Clemson University, Department of Forestry & Environmental Conservation

Gunderson Lecture. Co-sponsored by NREM.

Abstract. How do you deal with difficult people?  How do we reach the next generation?  Should I be tweeting or holding workshops?  All are valid questions that Cooperative Extension personnel will likely encounter during their daily jobs, and some of these questions are pertinent to researchers as a whole.  Cooperative Extension personnel are tasked with translating science and research into consumable information that is useful to our professional and non-professional clientele.  In the southern U.S., forestry is one of the major economic drivers, and represents a significant impact on the land and people.  As such, forestry extension fills an important niche, but also must contend with changing demographics and land ownership.  Several significant native and non-native pests can damage southern forests, and proper management is essential to create resistant and resilient forest landscapes.  This seminar will focus on the intersection of forest entomology and forest health, science communication, and Extension delivery to forest landowners and managers in the southern U.S.  The use of novel strategies, including social media, and integrating these strategies with tried-and-true methods such as in-person events, will be discussed.  Finally, we’ll talk about science communication, distrust of science, and the current state of information in today’s global environment.