Exploring the Tree of Life: Mysterious pits, old beetles, and the joy of discovery

Monday, August 28, 2017 - 4:10pm
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Dr. David Maddison, Oregon State University, Department of Integrative Biology

Co-sponsored by EEB / EEOB

David’s research focuses on the evolution of beetles, and developing methods and software for phylogenetic analysis. Much of his work has concentrated on the evolution of ground beetles (Carabidae). He is a leading expert on the phylogeny of major lineages of carabid beetles, using a range of character data (morphology to genomics). David’s general work in phylogenetic biology centers on developing software, previously MacClade, and now focusing on the Mesquite environment. Another large project is the Tree of Life, a collaboratively-built collection of World Wide Web pages that seeks to comprise an illustrated, annotated phylogeny of all living things, including both the branches (clades) and the leaves (species). David's publications have appeared in Annual Review of Entomology, Molecular Phylogenetics and EvolutionSystematic BiologySystematic Entomology, and Trends in Ecology & Evolution. For more information about the Maddison lab: http://david.bembidion.org.