Cross pollination: Pollinator conservation as community outreach in shrinking cities of the Midwest.

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 4:10pm
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Dr. Rebecca Tonietto, University of Michigan – Flint, Department of Biology

Co-sponsored by EEB / EEOB

Abstract. North America is home to nearly 1/4 of shrinking cities worldwide, many of which are concentrated along the Rust Belt. With a focus on urban "re-greening" many cities are developing plans for "smart shrinkage" with myriad approaches to redefine urban land use. With a focus on Detroit and Flint, Michigan, we will explore ways in which recommendations for pollinator conservation can also support community-established goals, such as residential landscaping enhancement and urban agriculture support. Specifically, I will highlight two of our community engaged research projects, Curb Appeal in Detroit and The Porch Project in Flint and how we strive to meet community-set goals while supporting pollinator conservation and research.