Entomology Graduate Student Organization

The Entomology Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) is a graduate student-run organization within the department of Entomology at Iowa State University. It exists to assist Entomology graduate students by:

  1. formally voicing the interests and concerns of the graduate students in the Department of Entomology,
  2. promoting the professional development and educational enhancement of graduate students in the aforementioned department through formal and informal seminars, meetings, discussions, and dissemination of literature
  3. serving as a peer group source of information for the incoming and currently enrolled graduate students with respect to academic and non-academic requirements, and
  4. providing social events for graduate students, their families and friends for interaction, relaxation and fun.

Incoming students are provided with a mentor to assist with the transition to graduate school.

Current Officers

President: Kenneth Masloski

Vice-president Coy St. Clair

Secretary : Shunji Li

Treasurer : Edmund Norris

Graduate Student Senator Shelby Pritchard

The faculty adviser is Dr. Joel Coats.