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Faculty Participating in the Emerging Global Diseases Minor

A multi-disciplinary minor, administered by the Department of Entomology with participation from the Departments of Animal Sciences, Anthropology, Biomedical Sciences, Ecology Evolution and Organismal Biology, Economics, Food Science and Human Nutrition,  Sociology, Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine, and Veterinary Pathology, and from the Interdepartmental Program in Microbiology.

Lyric Bartholomay* Entomology
Jeffrey Beetham* Veterinary Pathology and Entomology
Joel Coats Entomology
Gregory Courtney Entomology
Joan Cunnick Animal Sciences
Tim Day Biomedical Sciences
James Dickson Animal Sciences
Hank Harris Animal Sciences
Isabel Harris Microbiology
Julie Jarvinen Veterinary Pathology
Ann Jones Anthropology
Doug Jones Veterinary Pathology
Elliot Krafsur Entomology
Ebby Luvaga Economics
Grace Marquis Food Science and Human Nutrition
Richard Martin Biomedical Sciences
Robert Mazur Sociology
Kenneth Platt Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine
Edwin Powell Ecology Evolution and Organismal Biology
Wayne Rowley Entomology
Michael Whiteford Anthropology

*Program Coordinator

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