Alternative Taxonomy: 

As a subgenus of Thaumastoptera:
Thaumastoptera (Taiwanita)


Alexander, C.P. 1929. New or little-known Tipulidae from the Philippines (Diptera). V. Philippine Journal of Science 40: 239-273.


Taiwanita is a monotypic genus known only from Taiwan. It shares the characteristics of Thaumastoptera (placement of CuA crossveins near midlength of wing and gonostylus singular) but is equipped with supernumerary crossveins in cells br, bm, and cup.


Head: Anterior vertex suppressed. Rostrum length less than that of the remaining head. Maxillary palpus length less than or subequal to that of remaining head; palpomeres subequal. Antennae: 16 articles, antenomeres variable (oval, cylindrical, or moniliform).

Thaumastoptera (Taiwanita) issikiana wing
Figure 1. Wing of Thaumastoptera (Taiwanita) issikiana Alexander (redrawn from Alexander 1929; scale bar = 1.0 mm).

Wings: Subhylane, commonly patterned with clouds of brown located along veins; cells without microtrichia; anal angle of wing present. Wing venation: Sc2 removed from Sc1, Sc2 ending before origin of Rs, Sc1 ending between origin of Rs and split of Rs; R1+2 in near alingment with R2, R2 much longer than R1+2; two branches of Rs attaining wing margin; two Medial veins (M1+2, M3) attaining wing margin; discal cell (dm) absent; CuA crossvein near wing midlength; two Cubital veins (CuA1, CuA2) attaining wing margin; two Anal veins (A1, A2) attaining wing margin; supernumerary crossveins present in cells br, bm, and cup.

Thaumastoptera (Taiwanita) issikiana hypopygium
Figure 2. Male hypopygium of Thaumastoptera (Taiwanita) issikiana Alexander (re-drawn from Alexander 1929).

Male hypopygium: 9th tergite (9t) and sternite (9s) configuration unknown. Mesoventral lobe of gonocoxite absent. Gonostylus singular; style a short decurved rod narrowing to an acute tip, face of style with sparse strong setiformes. Aedeagus simple with one terminal opening. Proctriger simple, without modification.


Thaumastoptera (Taiwanita) is known from a single species, Thaumastoptera (Taiwanita) issikiana Alexander, from Tiawan.

Larval Habitat: 

The larval habitat of this subgenus is unknown.