Libnotes (Paralibnotes)

Alternative Taxonomy: 

As a subgneus of Limonia:
Limonia (Paralibnotes)


Alexander, C.P. 1972. Insects of Micronesia 12: 818.


The subgenera of Libnotes presented here are as li stedby Oosterbroek (2005) and is comprised of genera that had previously been placed under Limonina. The concept of Libnotes presented here is based on the deflection of the branches of Rs and Medial veins ventrally, thereby causing an enlargement of cell r3.

Libnotes (Paralibnotes) is small, weakly defined group of 5 species that are grouped based on the composition of the singular gonostylus of the male hypopygium and elongate and slender adeagus.


Libnotes (Paralibnotes) sp. wing
Figure 1. Wing of Libnotes (Paralibnotes) bidentoides (Alexander) (re-drawn from Alexander 1972).

Libnotes (Paralibnotes) sp. hypopygium
Figure 1. Male hypopygum of Libnotes (Paralibnotes) bidentoides (Alexander) (re-drawn from Alexander 1972).

Libnotes (Paralibnotes) is a small subgenus currently known only from the Australian/Oceanic (3 species) and Oriental (2 species) Regions.

Larval Habitat: 

The larval habitat of this subgenus is unknown.