Alternative Taxonomy: 

As a subgenus of Atypophthalmus:
Atypophthalmus (Microlimonia)


Savchenko, E.N., and G.O. Krivolutskaya. 1976. Limoniidae of the south Kuril Islands and south Sakhalin. Akad. Nauk. ukr. SSR, Kiev: 1-160.


The genus Microlimonia is based both on the near holoptic condition of the head and the singular gonostylus of the male hypopygium. The genus is similar to Atypophthalmus in possessing the holoptic condition, however the genus Atypophthalmus has a tendency for the proctriger to appear complex and comprised of various lobes.


Atypopthalmus (Microlimonia) sp. wing
Figure 1. Wing of Microlimonia bicorniger (Alexander) (redrawn from Alexander 1932; scale bar = 1.0 mm). 

Atypophthalmus (Microlimonia) machidai hypopygium
Figure 2. Male hypopygium of Microlimonia machidai (Alexander) (scale bar = 0.5 mm).


Although this is a small genus, represented by only 5 species, the ranges of individual species are at times extensive. All five species are found in the Eastern Paleactic Region, while the fauna of the Oriental Region is comprised of two species that have their ranges extended from the Palearctic Region in southern China and Taiwan.

Larval Habitat: 

The larval preferences of this genus are unknown.