Alternative Taxonomy: 

As a subgneus of Limonia or Libnotes:
Limonia (Laosa)
Libnotes (Laosa)


Edwards, F.W. 1926e. On some crane-flies from French Indo-China. Encyclopedie Entomologique, (B II), Diptera 3: 48.


The species of Laosa are grouped based on the possession of two supernumerary crossveins, one present in cell R3 and one in R4. The male hypopygium is of the typical Libnotes type, possessing an accessory lobe on the dorsal face of the ventral gonostyle that is equipped with a variable number of setifores. Many speceis of Laosa, as with other species of Libnotes, possess highly colored wings and are quite ornate.

Libnotes (Laosa) sp. wing
Figure 1. Wing of Laosa sp. (scale bar = 1.0 mm) 

Libnotes (Laosa) sp. hypopygium
Figure 1. Male hypopygium of Laosa sp. (scale bar = 0.5 mm)


There are currently 20 recognized species of Laosa. The genus finds its greatest diversity throughout the islands of the Australian/Oceanic (8 species) and Oriental (9 species) Regions. The 3 remaining species are known from eastern China and Japan in the Eastern Palearctic Region.

Larval Habitat: 

The larval habitat of this subgenus is unknown.