Key to the Elephantomyinae and Limoniinae (Tipuloidea: "Limoniidae") genera of the Oriental Region

Which key to use?:

The files contained in this compressed file includes a data file for included keys and keys to the genera and subgenera of Limoniinae from the Oriental Region. Users should start by opening the "Oriental Limoniinae" key file. The additional subgeneric keys included in this package are linked to this main key file and can be accessed through it. Avoid manipulating the included folder as this may cause problems with the keys.

About these keys:

Version 2.0 of "The Key to the Adult Limoniinae (Tipuloidea; Limoniidae) crane flies of the Oriental Region" is constructed to aid in identification of the 51 genera/subgenera of the subfamily Limoniinae (Tipuloidea; Limoniidae) currently known from the Oriental Region. The definition of Limoniinae used here is that of the Catalogue of the Craneflies of the World (Diptera, Tipuloidea: Pediciidae, Limoniidae, Cylindrotomidae, Tipulidae) (Oosterbroek 2006) but with some modifications. This key elevates many formerly subgeneric groups and raises them to a genus rank. Taxon pages for all included groups will aid in classification problems.

Family Key:
Adult Tipuloidea Family (1.93 MB)
Limoniidae: Limoniinae Key:
Oriental Limoniinae (Tipuloidea) Version (4.1 MB)
Version history:

1.0 - Limoniinae key without illustrations or family level key
1.1 - Limoniinae key with family key, without illustrations
2.0 - Limoniinae key with family key, character state illustrations included