Key to the adult crane flies (Diptera; Tipuloidea) flies of the Oriental Region

Which key to use?:

The keys to the crane flies of the Oriental Region are available for download at this site. To access the key, click on the desired icon below. Follow the link to the download site and click on the download link for the key. This will download a compressed file. Uncompress the file and remove the enclosed file from the opened window and place it on your desired location on your computer.

About these keys:

These taxonomic keys available here are in the Lucid 2 format and may be used with the Lucid Player software available from here. (free with registration).

The process of understanding and describing the diversity and taxonomic structure of the Tipuloidea is still a work in progress. As new taxa are discovered and definitions of genera and subgenera are better defined the structure of these keys will undoubtedly be changed to reflect these changes. If problems occur with the operation of these keys or you have comments about their construction, please feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.

If problems occur with download of the keys available here please send an email and explain the problem encountered.

Family Key:

Adult Tipuloidea Family (1.93 MB)

Download sites for crane fly keys:

Tipulidae Key:

(Not available for download)

Cylindrotomidae Key:

(Not available for download)

Limoniidae Key:

Elephantomyinae and LimoniinaeKey:

Limoniinae key

Limnophilinae Key:

(Not available for download)

Eriopterinae Key:

(Not available for download)

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