Alternative Taxonomy: 

As a subgenus of Limonia or Libnotes:
Limonia (Gressittomyia)
Libnotes (Gressittomyia)


Alexander, C.P. 1936. New or little-known Tipulidae from eastern Asia (Diptera). XXXII. Philippine Journal of Science 61: 118.


Gressittomyia is a monotypic genus based on the species G. xenoptera Alexander. Wing venation shows a peculiar fusion of veins R4+5 and M1+2 for a short distance by atrophy of crossvein r-m, a trait seen additionally in Laosa, Trentepohila, and only occasionally in Helius and Teucholabis (Alexander, 1936). An additional supernumerary crossvein is seen in cell R3, a trait also seen in Laosa and Neolimnobia.

Libnotes (Gressittomyia) sp.wing
Figure 1. Wing of Gressittomyia sp. (scale bar = 1.0 mm).

Libnotes (Gressittomyia) sp. hypopygium
Figure 2. Male hypopygium of Gressittomyia sp. (re-drawn from Alexander 19 ) 


Gressittomyia xenoptera is known from the Hainan region of China.

Larval Habitat: 

The larval habitat of this genus is unknown.