Alternative Taxonomy: 

As a subgenus of Libnotes or Limonia:
Libnotes (Goniodineura)
Limonia (Goniodineura)


Wulp, F.M. van der 1895. Eenige Javaansche Diptera. Tijdschrift voor Entomologie 38: 37.


The species of Goniodineura are grouped based primarily on the characteristics of the male hypopygium, chiefly the expansion of the posterio-lateral lobes of the ninth tergite and the unequal spines on the rostral projection of the ventral gonostyle. Wing venation shows the essential characters of Limoniinae (s.s), and additionally shows a tendency of the distal veins to be deflected ventrally, much as in Libnotes.

Libnotes (Goniodineura) sp. wing
Figure 1. Goniodineura sp.; re-drawn from Alexander (19??)(scale bar = 1.0 mm) 

Libnotes (Goniodineura) sp.
Figure 2. Male hypopygium of Goniodineura siva (Alexander) (scale bar = 1.0 mm).


Goniodineura is currently known only from the Oriental and Australian/Oceanic Regions. The Oriental region contains 30 of the 47 known species of Goniodineura which are widely distributed throughout the region.

Larval Habitat: 

The larval habitat of this subgenus is unknown.