Alternative Taxonomy: 

As a subgenus of Limonia or Dicranomyia:
Limonia (Doaneomyia)
Dicranomyia (Doaneomyia)


Alexander, C.P. 1921. Undescribed or little-known crane-flies from the Pacific islands (Tipulidae, Diptera). Bulletin of the Brooklyn Entomological Society 16: 12.


Doaneomyia was erected to represent a small group of Dicranomyia flies that lack a second anal vein. It is here elevated from a subgenus to a generic level based on this apomorphic trait. Additional traits of this group include a tendency for both an enlargement of the apical face of the basal antenomeres and for extensive whitening of the tarsi (both traits are seen in other subgenera of Dicranomyia). The remaining characteristics of wing venation and composition of the male hypopygium are that of the typical Dicranomyia.


Dicranomyia (Doaneomyia) sp. wing
Figure 1. Wing of Dicranomyia (Doaneomyia) pampangensis (re-drawn from Alexander 1931; scale bar = 1.0 mm). 

Doaneomyia are strongly an Australian/Oceanic group with 5 of the 6 known species found here. The Oriental Region is represented by a single species, Dicranomyia (Doaneomyia) pampangensis (Alexander), from the Philippines.

Larval Habitat: 

The larval habits of this subgenus are unknown. The adults of this group have been found swarming in and around waterfalls in Tahiti (Alexander 1921).