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Course syllabus

Lecture Schedule*

Week 1 Introduction to systematic entomology, course basics; historical considerations. Biodiversity I: concepts, processes & patterns of global diversity
Week 2 Biodiversity II: historical patterns of global diversity; extinction; studying biological diversity; biotic surveys; cataloguing and describing diversity
Week 3 Zoological nomenclature

Spring Break trip to southern Appalachians

Background: The southern Appalachian Mountains harbor a wide variety of habitats and a remarkable diversity of terrestrial and aquatic organisms. Moderate temperatures, high precipitation (>1800 mm / year), and continuously flowing streams provide ample resources across the complex landscape. Forests are dominated by deciduous oak species and an evergreen understory of Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel.

Collecting aquatic insects around Ames

Despite the prevalence of corn- and soybean fields around Ames, central Iowa has a number of excellent locations for collecting aquatic insects. These include several rivers, lakes and marshes within easy driving distance of Iowa State University. The following are but a few possibilities: