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Collecting aquatic insects around Ames

Despite the prevalence of corn- and soybean fields around Ames, central Iowa has a number of excellent locations for collecting aquatic insects. These include several rivers, lakes and marshes within easy driving (or bicycling) distance of Iowa State University. The following are but a few possibilities (click on links to see image galleries): BigStoneyCk

Course syllabus

Lecture Schedule*

Week 1 Introduction to systematic entomology, course basics; historical considerations. Biodiversity I: concepts, processes & patterns of global diversity
Week 2 Biodiversity II: historical patterns of global diversity; extinction; studying biological diversity; biotic surveys; cataloguing and describing diversity
Week 3 Zoological nomenclature

Spring Break trip to southern Appalachians

Background: The southern Appalachian Mountains harbor a wide variety of habitats and a remarkable diversity of terrestrial and aquatic organisms. Moderate temperatures, high precipitation (>1800 mm / year), and continuously flowing streams provide ample resources across the complex landscape. Forests are dominated by deciduous oak species and an evergreen understory of Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel.