Course syllabus

Lecture Schedule*

Week 1 Introduction to aquatic insects. Insect diversity and success [Ch. 1-3].
Week 2 Basic insect morphology [Ch. 2].
Week 3 Ecological classification of freshwater habitats [Ch. 6].
Week 4 Ecological classification of freshwater habitats, ctd. (incl. RCC).
Week 5 Adaptations of insects to freshwater habitats. Respiration. Marine insects [Ch. 4, 5].
Week 6 Adaptations to flowing water / Hydrodynamics.  LECTURE EXAM #1
Week 7 Insect taxonomy, nomenclature & phylogeny [Ch. 8, 9]
Week 8 Orders Collembola (springtails) [Ch. 10], Ephemeroptera (mayflies) [Ch. 11].
Week 9 Orders Odonata (dragonflies & damselflies) [Ch. 12], Plecoptera (stoneflies) [Ch. 14].
Week 10 SPRING BREAK (southern Appalachians)
Week 11 Order Hemiptera (aquatic bugs) [Ch. 15]. LECTURE EXAM #2
Week 12 Orders Megaloptera, Neuroptera & Coleoptera [Ch. 16, 20].
Week 13 Orders Lepidoptera (moths), Trichoptera (caddisflies) [Ch. 17-19].
Week 14 Order Coleoptera (beetles) [Ch. 20].
Week 15 Order Diptera (true flies) [Ch. 22].
Week 16 Special topics: TBA.

Laboratory Schedule*

Week 1 Introduction to insect orders. Collecting & rearing aquatic insects [Ch. 3, 9].
Week 2 Orders Collembola (springtails) Odonata (dragonflies & damselflies). [Ch. 10, 12].
Week 3 Order Ephemeroptera (mayflies) [Ch. 11].
Week 4 LAB EXAM #1 (through mayflies); work on collections.
Week 5 Order Plecoptera (stoneflies) [Ch. 14].
Week 6 Order Hemiptera (true bugs) [Ch. 15].
Week 7 Minor Orders: Orthoptera, Megaloptera, Neuroptera, Lepidoptera [Ch. 13,16, 19].
Week 8 LAB EXAM #2 (stoneflies to minor orders); work on collections.
Week 9 Order Coleoptera (beetles) [Ch. 20].
Week 11 Order Trichoptera (caddisflies) [Ch. 17, 18].
Week 12 LAB EXAM #3 (beetles & caddisflies); work on collections.
Week 13 Order Diptera (true flies) [Ch. 22].
Week 14 Order Diptera (ctd.).
Week 15 Open lab (work on collections, review for lab final); COLLECTIONS DUE.

* Chapter assignments refer to Merritt, R.W., K.W. Cummins & M.B. Berg (eds). 2008. An Introduction to the Aquatic Insects of North America (Fourth Edition). Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., Dubuque, IA.

** An optional field trip to the southern Appalachian Mountains is scheduled for Spring Break. An optional weekend field trip will be scheduled for NE Iowa (probably in late March or early April). Additional trips to local habitats also will be scheduled. Although optional, you are urged to participate in at least one trip, as these will provide the best opportunity to collect insects for your collections.