Collecting aquatic insects around Ames

Despite the prevalence of corn- and soybean fields around Ames, central Iowa has a number of excellent locations for collecting aquatic insects. These include several rivers, lakes and marshes within easy driving (or bicycling) distance of Iowa State University. The following are but a few possibilities (click on links to see image galleries): BigStoneyCk

South Fork Skunk River

@ Soper's Mill, 42°06'N 93°34'W 285m

@ 180th Street (McFarland Road), 42°05'N 93°35'W 280m

@ 13th Street, 42°02'N 93°35'W 275m

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McFarland Park

@ McFarland Lake, 42°05'N 93°34'W 300m

@ tributaries of South Fork Skunk River, 42°05'N 93°34'W 280m

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Miscellaneous sites

Squaw Ck @ Brookside Park, 42°01'N 93°37'W 270m

West Peterson Pits, 42°05'N 93°35'W 280m

Hickory Grove County Park, 41°59'N 93°21'W 300m

Richardson Branch @ Q Avenue, 41°57'N 93°51'W 315m

Ledges State Park (lower), 41°59'N 93°53'W 270m

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