Diveena Vijayendran

Graduate Assistant-Research
Diveena Yijayendran photo

My research interests are small non-coding RNA and the biological phenomenon of RNA interference. The specific goals of my current research are, (i) identify and characterize aphid viruses and (ii) characterize aphid micro RNAs in multiple aphid species. We use a combination of bioinformatics and molecular biology on small RNA sequencing datasets to achieve these goals.

In addition to research, I have developed an interest in teaching and have assisted in several graduate and undergraduate courses at Iowa State University. I am a scholar of the Preparing Future Faculty program, a national program to better prepare graduate students for faculty careers. My ultimate career goal is to work in academia and to conduct research related to RNA interference that would be useful for the advancement of human knowledge. I would also like to teach and share my knowledge and experiences with aspiring students and others in my scientific field.    

Area of Expertise: 
RNA interference
BA Biotechnology (Honors) Research, University of Northern Iowa, USA
+1 319 504 7626
418 Science II