Entomology 555 - Insect Physiology


Russell Jurenka
434 Science II
Telephone - 294-1485
Email - rjurenka@iastate.edu
Lectures - MWF
Lab - Thr. - 3 hours

Date Lecture
Mon Introduction and historical perspective
Wed Morphology - Form and function. Start integument
Fri Integument - cuticle structure & formation
Mon No Class (MLK Holiday)
Wed Continue Integument
Fri Molting physiology
Mon Respiration - trachea, gas exchange
Wed Nutrition
Fri Digestive Systems
Mon Digestion and regulation
Wed Food absorption and transport
Fri Digestion and Nutrition Ecology
Mon Fat body metabolism
Wed Excretory systems - hind gut, malpighian tubules
Fri Function of excretory systems
Mon Water balance
Wed Hemolymph physiology - composition, function
Fri First hour exam
Mon Circulation & Thermoregulation
Wed Hemocytes, Immune response
Fri Energy metabolism - hemolymph transport
Mon Muscle physiology - esp. flight muscle
Wed Muscle energy
Fri Endocrine regulation of flight energy First Paper due
Mon Neuroendocrine glands
Wed Hormones: structures and functions
Fri Signal transduction
Spring Break  
Mon Endocrinology of molting and metamorphosis
Wed Endocrine regulation - other hormones
Fri Central nervous system - structure and function
Wed Nerve transmission
Fri Second hour exam
Mon Sensory physiology - vision
Wed Sensory physiology - mechanical
Fri Sensory physiology - chemical
Mon Semiochemicals - pheromones
Wed Reproductive systems - male
Fri Reproductive systems - female
Mon Endocrine regulation of reproduction
Wed Mating behavior and transfer of sperm; Parthenogenesis
Fri Embryology Second paper due
Mon Diapause physiology
Wed Circadian Rhythms
Fri Discussion

May Final comprehensive exam


Week 1 no lab
Week 2 dissection
Week 3 isolation of cuticular lipids; TLC, GC, GC-MS
Week 4 Spiracle control, Respiration
Week 5 Malpighian tubules and excretion
Week 6 no lab
Week 7 heart physiology
Week 8 Bacterial infection and Immune response, nodule formation
Week 9 signal transduction
Week 10 Neuroanatomy, cobalt backfilling
Week 11 no lab
Week 12 neural immunocytochemistry
Week 13 neural immunocytochemistry (continued)
Week 14 Isolation of pheromone, GC, electroantennogram, wind tunnel
Week 15    female reproductive comparative Anatomy

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