BugGuide 2019 Gathering Details

The 2019 BugGuide Gathering will take place July 25 - 28, 2019 at Allen Acres located near Piktkin, Louisiana.

Charles Allen has volunteered to coordinate this event.

Allen Acres is a Bed and Breakfast. Rooms normally cost $80 per night but will be $70 for this event for each room with one or two adults. Additional adults add $15. Children 12 or younger in room with adults at no charge.

We have seven rooms; four have only a king sized bed and the other three have an additional single bed.

If we overfill, we can offer floor space at $30 per night (includes breakfast and air conditioned space). Camping is available at $20 per night (includes breakfast also) but it is very hot in late July in our area.

We will begin taking reservations immediately and will keep y'all appraised of the status.

The closest airport is in Alexandria, La (AEX) and is about a 50-minute drive from Allen Acres.

In order to register, there are two steps:

      Read the information on this page.
      Follow the link below to the Registration Form


    The deadline for registration is June 22, 2019.


    Go to the Registration Form


    This is a proposed schedule, but y'all are welcome to make your own schedule. We have scheduled four tours; our own property, longleaf pine, pitcher plant bog, and baygall.

    Note: all meals are $10 per person except breakfast which is part of the B and B.

    Thursday July 25, 2019

    1 pm till check-in
    7 pm dinner (supper): red beans and sausage, corn bread, salad
    9 pm sheet checking

    Friday July 26, 2019

    5:30 am sheet checking
    8 am breakfast for B and B guests
    9 am botanical tour of Allen Acres
    12 noon lunch: soup and sandwiches
    1:30 pm longleaf pine ecosystem tour
    7 pm dinner (supper): gumbo, potato salad
    9 pm sheet checking

    Saturday July 27, 2019

    5:30 am sheet checking
    8 am breakfast for B and B guests
    9 am butterfly count led by Craig Marks
    12 noon lunch
    1:30 pm Baygall and pitcher plant bog ecosystems tour
    7 pm dinner (supper): fried rice, stir fry, sweet and sour pork
    9 pm sheet checking

    Sunday July 28, 2019

    5:30 am sheet checking
    8 am breakfast for B and B guests