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Mr. Austin Huff

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Undergraduate Student
General Laboratory Assistant I
Area of Expertise: 
Product Testing and Bioassay

Mr. Vurtice C Albright III

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Graduate Student
Ph. D. Candidate
Graduate Assistant-Research
Area of Expertise: 
Environmental Toxicology

Mechanisms of action of natural insecticides and acaricides; expression of octopamine and tyramine receptors in mammalian cell lines

Octopamine and tyramine are essential biogenic amines that have been implicated in numerous physiological systems in arthropod species, such as reproduction, the nervous system, and  learning-and-memory, to name a few. We have successfully created two stably-transfected Chinese Hamster Ovary cell lines (CHO) with a functional octopamine receptor from Periplaneta americana, the American cockroach, and a functional tyramine receptor from Rhipicephalus microplus, the southern cattle tick.