(S3:E5) Aphid populations increase! No lie.

We share reports of aphid outbreaks in soybeans in MN. Numbers are up in Iowa. Also, have you noticed big, metallic green beetles? Japanese beetles are out in Iowa.

(S3:E4) Soybean aphids remain at low levels

Drs. Matt O'Neal and Erin Hodgson discuss current soybean aphid activity around Iowa and the region. Numbers are remaining low with some regions declining in density. They also discuss upcoming field tours (available at www.aep.iastate.edu).

(S3:E3) Aphids establish a foothold

Drs. O'Neal and Hodgson summarize reports from around the midwest and Iowa about the soybean aphid. Despite the lack of aphids in the fall, evidence so far is that they survived and are beginning to build up in the northern parts of Iowa. Numbers are still very low and do not require insecticides, but we compare 2011 to previous growing season.

(S3:E2) Soybean aphids found on soybeans

Soybean aphids have been found on soybeans. We discuss what this might mean for management. We also report on yet another invasive insect pest of soybeans that has been found in the US, the kudzu bug.

(S3:E1) First soybean aphid podcast of 2011!

Drs O'Neal and Hodgson are back for the 3rd year of the soybean aphid podcast. We review the status of aphids on buckthorn, introduce a new buckthorn project (buckthornwatch.org) and talk about the new invasive pest of soybeans, the brown marmorated stink bug, that has been found in Iowa.

(S2:E10) Preharvest intervals and insecticides

Dr. Hodgson and O'Neal talk about the preharvest intervals for those soybean growers considering an insecticide late in the season.

(S2:E9) Soybean aphids populations increasing? Really?

Dr. O'Neal returns from vacation to discuss with Dr. Hodgson reports of aphid outbreaks in Iowa. The doctors have an upcoming field day on August 28th in Sutherland Iowa, Sponsored by PFI. For details visit http://www.practicalfarmers.org/assets/vcalendar/index.php.

(S2:E8) Soybean defoliators

Erin Hodgson talks about recent aphid populations and also some interesting defoliators in soybean.

(S2:E7) Soybean aphids are patchy in Iowa

Soybean aphids are picking up activity throughout Iowa; however, populations are still very patchy. Also consider other defoliators in soybean right now that might compound stress during pod set.

(S2:E6) Winged aphids on the move

Winged aphids are still on the move in Iowa, although most fields still remain well below treatment levels. Neighboring states have notable aphids, so scouting should still continue.