(S2:E5) Aphids are hard to find

Aphids are still hard to find, but that doesn't mean that Matt and Erin can't find something to talk about. We discuss spraying insecticides based on a calendar date as opposed to spraying insecticide based on need (i.e. aphids populations above a threshold).

(S2:E4) Still no aphids

Still very few aphids in the soybean fields of Iowa. Drs. O'Neal and Hodgson give an update and discuss the likelihood of a soybean aphid outbreak later this summer. Also, Dr. Hodgson gives us an update of events where she will discuss recent research and new tools for pest management in soybeans.

(S2:E3) Soybean pest activity update

Drs. O'Neal and Hodgson give a quick update on the status of soybean aphid populations in Iowa. They also review the other insect pests that may be out this time of year feeding on soybean leaves.

(S2:E2) Soybean aphid update

In this episode Drs. O'Neal and Hodgson discuss the low populations of soybean aphids in Iowa. Dr. Hodgson highlights upcoming meetings and workshops to learn more about soybean production and pest management.

(S2:E1) Soybean aphid podcast is back on the air for 2010!

Drs. Matt O'Neal and Erin Hodgson are back with their weekly podcast regarding the soybean aphid and other insect pests of soybeans. In this brief (~3min) episode we talk about the state of soybean aphids in Iowa and the midwest with a quick review of efforts to monitor aphid migration to soybeans. Please email us with your questions (oneal@iastate.edu or ewh@iastate.edu)

Learn more about aphid-resistant soybeans

The availability of aphid-resistant soybeans is increasing, and so is the amount of information available to growers interested in this new tool for preventing yield loss from the soybean aphid. Drs. Hodgson and O'Neal describe the source of soybean aphid resistance and results from two years of field testing in a four page, color fact-sheet produced with the Iowa Soybean Association.

(S1:E12) A discussion with Mary Gardiner about lady beetles

Dr. Mary Gardiner, assistant professor at the Ohio State University, visited ISU and gave a seminar about her research on the ladybeetles. Ladybeetles can play a positive role by feeding on pest like the soybean aphid. Mary's research is focused on the exotic multi-colored asian ladybeetle. This species is a voracious predator of soybean aphids, but is also a pest in our homes and to grape growers. Mary is documenting the role landscape plays in the establishment of this species as part of her Buckeye Lady Beetle Blitz. To learn more about Mary's work visit http://ladybeetles.osu.edu/default.asp

(S1:E11) Corn Aphids: is this the next new pest for Iowa farmers?

Matt O'Neal talks with Amy Asmus of Asmus Farm Supply to discuss outbreaks of aphids in cornfields around north-central Iowa. The two discuss what species of aphids are in corn and what impact they may have. Be prepared for more questions than answers as the scientist and crop consultant compare notes about this problem. For a more complete description of the aphids see Dr. Erin Hodgson's article in the Integrated Crop Management Newsletter (www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2009/0807hodgson.htm)

(S1:E10) An aphid is an aphid is an aphid

Its mid-August and soybean aphids are starting to look white and small (yes, even smaller). Do they count? Are aphid populations still increasing? Why? Erin and Matt answer these questions and more.
Have a question about aphids or other insect pests? Visit www.soybeanaphid.info and post a question.

(S1:E9) Attack of the winged aphids

Erin and Matt discuss the recent increase in aphid populations including winged aphids that are moving from field to field. We discuss what growers should consider when applying insecticide to soybeans when seeds are developing. We summarize a recent Integrated Crop Management newsletter articles on late season management of soybean aphids. For more information visit www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2009/0813hodgsononeal2.htm