(S5:E2) Soybean aphid confirmed throughout the region

This week, Erin Hodgson talks about confirming soybean aphid in Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

(S5:E1) Back in business - the podcast resumes for 2013!

The 2013 season of podcasts begins with a short recap of pest activity in Iowa.

(S4:E9) Is it too late to spray? Plus a new video!

Most of the state is approaching the seed fill stage (R5), indicating the end of profitable yield returns with an insecticide application. Watch a short video about spider mite management here: http://bit.ly/NdDj6c

(S4:E8) Bean leaf beetles out but spider mites are still top dog

Soybean aphid populations remain low but first generation bean leaf beetles are out i some areas this week. Spider mites are still the primary problem, and we encourage scouting to protect yield.

(S4:E7) Spider mites continue injury

Although soybean aphid has been a relatively low threat this year, drought conditions have been a perfect storm for spider mites. We encourage people to scout fields now to fully protect yield.

(S4:E6) The drought thickens: dry hot weather is good for spider mites

Drought conditions continue for all of Iowa, setting the stage for spider mite outbreaks. Drs. O'Neal and Hodgson discuss the challenges of managing this pest. For more information visit http://iowabuglife.blogspot.com/ for pictures and additional details about spider mites. For more info about managing crops and pests in this drought visit

(S4:E5) Good news, bad news, and drought

Its Friday the 13th and farmers have much to worry about. But despite the record breaking temperatures and drought, there is some good news. We discuss the lack of soybean aphids throughout most of Iowa. However, there are other insect pests that growers should be scouting, including japanese beetles and spider mites. For more info about insects this summer, see Dr. Hodgson's blog (http://iowabuglife.blogspot.com).

(S4:E4) Iowa continues to be hot and dry

Hot weather isn't favorable for soybean aphid, so numbers are still down. But spider mites and other pests thrive in these conditions.

(S4:E3) Japanese beetles: not just in soybean

As we wait for soybean aphids to arrive, we discuss how the early and large outbreak of Japanese beetles in central Iowa may harm crop production. Dr. Hodgson discusses some options for preventing the beetles from clipping corn silk, a significant form of damage caused by these pests. For more info, visit Dr. Hodgson's blog at http://iowabuglife.blogspot.com

(S4:E2) Japanese beetles: a new pest of Iowa corn and soybean?

June is often a quiet month for insect pests but not this year as the Japanese beetle has emerged 2 to 3 weeks earlier then usual. So even though soybean aphids are uncommon right now, farmers may want to scout for this pest. We discuss what to look for and what the impact could be. To meet with Dr. Hodgson, consider joining her at the Crop Management Clinic (11-12 July) at FEEL. Visit this site for more information http://www.aep.iastate.edu/feel/cmc.html