(S5:E8) It's ON! Soybean aphid outbreaks in northern Iowa

Yes, Phil, they are spraying for aphids in Iowa. Erin and I discuss where in Iowa soybean aphid outbreaks are occurring and the factors that help explain some of the variation in aphid populations between fields. The occurrence of two other pests are noted. Finally, Matt was interviewed on Agribusiness Reports about his lab's work on efforts to conserve bees. For more info see:
(Skip to 1:49): http://whotv.com/2013/08/27/agribusiness-hot-weather-threatens-promising...

(Skip to 0:35): http://whotv.com/2013/08/28/agribusiness-researcher-says-bee-habitats-ha...

(S5:E7) Aphids are breaking, bad.

We are getting close to the end of the season and soybean aphids have exceeded the threshold level in northern Iowa. Erin has come back from spraying research plots to share with us updates on timing, product choice and assessing the need for an insecticide during this aphid outbreak.
Also, Matt is going to be interviewed by WHO-TV this Friday. Look for a segment either Friday nite or during the weekend (23-25 Aug) about conserving bees.And finally, this episode is dedicated to Robert Pettis, our #1 fan.

(S5:E6) Aphids on the rise, and rootworms, too!

Matt and Erin summarize the trend in soybean aphid populations for the midwest. They discuss other pest, include the corn rootworm and the reports of cornfields damaged by this pest. For more info on why this may happen in Bt-corn fields see http://bit.ly/16plxWm.
Also, for more info about how rotating crops is good for more than just managing rootworms, visit http://www.sustainablecorn.org/

(S5:E5) Now it's cool, just the way aphids like it

Erin and Matt discuss the recent cool temperatures forecasted for the last week of July and the implications for soybean aphid populations in Iowa. We also discuss the recent emergence of bean leaf beetles and observations about the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. For more info about the BMSB, visit http://apps.csi.iastate.edu/pipe/?c=entry&a=view&id=20

(S5:E4) Gosh it's hot! Soybean aphids, rootworms, mites and bees

It's hot! But we can still talk about aphids and other insect pests. It is a quiet week for soybean pests, but things are getting active in corn. We talk about what to look for when it comes to silk feeders. For more details about rootworms, a silk feeder and rootfeeder, look up Erin's recent factsheet. https://www.ent.iastate.edu/dept/faculty/hodgson/files/ul/CRW%20manageme....
At the end, Matt talks about a recent blog that summarizes his work on bees in soybean fields, http://www.agriculture.com/farm-management/conservation/bees-in-bes-qa-w....

(S5:E3) Matt's back and so are the JBs!

Erin Hodgson and Matt O'Neal return to talk about insect pests of soybean in Iowa and the greater midwest. On today's episode, the return of the soybean aphid, the japanese beetles and a variety of uncommon insects that feed on soybean plants and other crops (stink bugs, celery leaf tier, and colapspis beetles).

(S5:E2) Soybean aphid confirmed throughout the region

This week, Erin Hodgson talks about confirming soybean aphid in Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

(S5:E1) Back in business - the podcast resumes for 2013!

The 2013 season of podcasts begins with a short recap of pest activity in Iowa.

(S4:E9) Is it too late to spray? Plus a new video!

Most of the state is approaching the seed fill stage (R5), indicating the end of profitable yield returns with an insecticide application. Watch a short video about spider mite management here: http://bit.ly/NdDj6c

(S4:E8) Bean leaf beetles out but spider mites are still top dog

Soybean aphid populations remain low but first generation bean leaf beetles are out i some areas this week. Spider mites are still the primary problem, and we encourage scouting to protect yield.