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Insect Horror Film Festival
Entomology Image Gallery (see also BugGuide)
Entomology Index
Entomological Society of America North Central Branch
Image Usage Policy
Insect Recipes
Insect Zoo
Integrated Pest Management
Iowa Insect Information
Pages Relating to Individual Organisms
17-Year Cicada These emerged in Iowa in 1997
Corn Rootworm Home Page
Deer Tick Home Page and Iowa Lyme Disease Survey
Emerald Ash Borer
European Corn Borer Home Page
Iowa Insect Information
Lady Beetle (Ladybug) information and images
Soybean Aphid
Soybean Insects
Mailing Lists
BugNet Question Page
Entomo-L Popular mailing list for discussion of entomological issues.
Flea News Of interest to Siphonaptera systematists.
Horticulture/Home Pest News Articles on horticulture, plant care, and common household pests
Integrated Crop Management Weekly research-based articles on crop and pest management
Seminar Series

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