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Survey Results

County extension directors answered the question "what do you like most about the system?"

  • Able to receive pictures
  • We have not had a printer capable of printing pictures. Hopefully our new one will print the camera images. I think it would be great for marketing ISUE.
  • The technology for communicating info - "We Look Smart"
  • Fast, simple, accurate! If state spec. is in I might have an answer in less than 30 minutes! Rather than 1 week - or more!
  • I like the way you can download all digital camera photos at once & view them all at the same time!
  • Convenient
  • Thanks for having us!! Great pics.
  • It's easy & much quicker than mailing specimens. Clients are impressed. I'd really like to get my own digital camera since working with this one!
  • The flexcam is very handy and useful for quickly taking and sending digital images. The digital camera is very helpful in taking images of problems in fields and posting on web pages so specialists can access them. This permits viewing several images rather than tying up the system with too many digital image files.
  • Quick response for clients.

The specialists have been doing well at identifying submitted specimens, as this graph shows:

If you have any questions about the RDI project, please contact John VanDyk, (515) 294-7401.