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Videoconferencing Crash Course
This tutorial introduces the practical use of Cu-SeeMe in videoconferencing. Before continuing, please read the image capture tutorial for background information and to be sure that your computer is set up correctly.

Icon We use the videoconferencing software Cu-SeeMe for this project. If this software is installed, there should be an icon on the desktop which will open the program (right). If no icon appears on the desktop, check the start menu under Programs. If there is no group entitled "Enhanced Cu-SeeMe" or something similar, the software has not been installed. Contact John VanDyk for information on installation.

The Phonebook

Double-click the icon; you will eventually be presented with Cu-SeeMe's opening screen, the phonebook:
The phonebook gives you a list of people and conferences (more on conferences later, don't worry!) which you can contact. (The latest version of the phonebook is available on the web) The RDI project uses three groups (change groups by selecting them from the pulldown menu above the list of people you can call): Counties, Direct, and Conferences. The counties group includes all of the county extension offices currently involved in the project; direct provides a list of experts on campus to direct-dial; and conferences give access to a number of conferences hosted on the ISU reflector. (For more information on conferences, see the semi-technical overview or multi-user conference introduction, later in this tutorial). To connect to a person or conference, simply double-click on the name (or click the name and click the speed dial button).
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If you have any questions about the RDI project, please contact John VanDyk, (515) 294-7401.