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Remote Diagnostic Initiative Iowa State University

This initiative brings the assistance of on-campus experts closer to the county extension offices. Instead of mailing samples in for identification, images are captured using desktop and pocket digital cameras and are sent to campus via e-mail, or are shown in real time using videoconferencing. To learn more, see the project overview.

Project Status

  • Update: February 6, 2001 If you have a modern computer you may want to get the FlexCam with the USB adapter and just plug it into one of your USB ports.
  • Update: June 9, 2000 If you are interested in joining the system, the recommended equipment is an Invideo PCI video capture card, a Flexcam camera (focuses as close as 1/4 inch -- good for insect and plant samples), and Olympus digital cameras (they're small, easy to use, and fit in your pocket). We will provide the software for free. Contact John VanDyk, (515) 294-7401, if you have questions.
  • Update: April 29, 1999 Several counties will be joining the project.
  • Update: October 29, 1998 County comments on the system.
  • Update: August 6, 1998 Surveys have been sent out and are trickling back in. Please fill out yours today!
  • Update: May 1, 1998 Counties: to update your system for 1998, first download the new phone book and then upgrade your videoconferencing client!
  • Although we no longer have funding for this project, county offices are free to join using their own funds (we will supply the software). The hardware we are using is the Invideo PCI (formerly ComputerEyes PCI) video capture card, Flexcam flexible camera, and Olympus digital camera.
  • Digital camera (Olympus D300L). After testing, we feel that this model is very impressive. You can take a look at an unretouched high-resolution image from the camera by clicking on the picture below. Note that because it is unretouched, file size is fairly large.
    Holding clover.

Participating Counties

County offices with Olympus digital cameras are denoted with a C.
State Map of Videoconf. Participants

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If you have any questions about the RDI project, please contact John VanDyk, (515) 294-7401.