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The 2016 Iowa State University Insect Zoo Bug Olympics are coming!

In celebration of the 2016 Olympics, the Insect Zoo is showcasing bugs in their very own 2016 Bug Olympics.

The events for the Bug Olympics include Roach Races, Cockroach Pulls and the Cricket Jump. After the Olympic Events, participants will get up close and personal with other awesome multi-legged creatures during the Bug Olympics Display.

The Bug Olympics is a 90-minute program and limited to 40 participants. Events will be held in two groups and then rotated. It is ideal to have the events located in two rooms, but not required. The small display will occur at the end of the Olympic Events and can be set up anywhere that is convenient.

The cost of the Bug Olympics is $150 plus mileage.

For more information, please fill out a request form below and select option A. In the 'Comments or specific interests' section, please include that you would like to host the 2016 Bug Olympics.

This event is perfect for the library summer reading programs, day camps, and end of the year classroom programs.

Please note: The 2016 Iowa State University Bug Olympics is only available from May 9th ­ Aug 19th 2016.

Flyers will be available to those who register to host the Bug Olympics.

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Program Details
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We can accommodate up to 30 participants for a hands-on presentation. There is no limit for Display and Large Group programs. There is a limit of 15 for the Story Time with Bugs program.
Required for those programs not held on the ISU Campus, otherwise please state N/A.
Have your students/participants been studying insects? Please explain. If you have insects/animals in your classroom already, please list them here.
Driving directions and any special parking or loading instructions.
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The ISU Insect Zoo is a hands-on experience brought to your classroom or venue with the intent of providing core educational programming regardless of age level of participants. To ensure an optimum learning environment, please read and follow ALL guidelines regarding grouping, supervision, and space requirements.


Please have willing and able adult helpers available for each class. The adult helpers will be helping the children with LIVE insects and other arthropods. It is in the best interest of the children that the adults are comfortable with the insects.

For children pre-school and under there must be 1 adult per 5 children.
For children in grades 1-2 we recommend 2-4 adults for a normal classroom size.
For children in grades 3 and up, the regular classroom teacher is all that is required.

If your class has a substitute teacher the day the Insect Zoo visits, we recommend having an additional adult in the classroom.


Participants will need to be seated at 4 tables. An additional table will need to be placed at the front of the room for the presenter. No more than 30 participants for each program. We cannot have programs on the floor.

If the Insect Zoo will be presenting multiple programs within one location, please arrange for all of the sessions to take place in a common space, which will allow for participants to travel rather than the Insect Zoo. This can be a library, common room, extra classroom, etc.

Please have 6-7 long tables (or equivalent) setup in a “U” shape. The opening of the “U” should be facing the wall. If a wall is not available, please have the tables arranged in a rectangle. If your event is outdoors, we require that we be under a tent or shelter.

Children will be seated where they normally have story time. Please have a chair for the presenter to sit in and a small table next to the chair for the animals.

Please have a microphone for the presenter and one 8-foot table for the animals. We will be walking through the audience with live animals so please keep this in mind when setting up the seating.

We require that the bugs be kept off of the ground so please have enough tables for all the participants to sit at. If you are having cake, please wait until after the Insect Zoo has finished with their program and art project. If you are having your party on the ISU campus, you may bring food and drinks, but we do not provide plates, forks, cups etc. We ask that you clean up after the food has been consumed.

Please arrive on campus with enough time to find parking and walk to the Science 2 building. You can find a map of the campus and available parking here (link to

Please have table placement, room configuration, and patron seating arranged in advance.

A 72 hour notification of cancellation / program change is required. Changes and/or cancellations occurring without a 72 hour notification will be assessed the full program fees less mileage.

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