INSECT HORROR FILM FESTIVAL Thursday, October 6, 2005
Starts at 6:00 pm; Movie at 7:30 pm
Great Hall
Memorial Union
Presented by the Iowa State University Entomology Club

2005 Events:

Feature film:
Them! (94 min). Nuclear testing has created giant ants that run amuck in New Mexico and must be stopped before they take over the world!
7:30 pm, Great Hall, Memorial Union.

Before the film, starting at 6 pm:
Insect Tasting! Featuring:
  • Cricket Cookies!
  • Mealworm Muffins!

Here are some recipes... of similar bug treats.
Yummy insect treats!
Insect Petting Zoo!
Hissing Roaches and Giant Millipedes will be available for handling.
Great for kids!

Giant Mantis!

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