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Jon Tollefson

Jon J. Tollefson

Professor; Ph.D., Iowa State University (1975)

Department Position: 70% research, 30% teaching

Dr. Tollefson leads the Corn-Insect Research Project. He teaches graduate courses in Host Plant Resistance and Advanced Insect Pest Management and coordinates the Pest Management undergraduate secondary major. Dr. Tollefson's experience in managing the corn rootworm, the most important insect attacking corn in the North American Corn Belt, is internationally known. His research emphasizes the development of reliable, functionable sampling techniques and practical economic thresholds.

The Corn-Insect Research Project maintains a screening program that evaluates new chemical and biological tools for pest insect management. The screening program is available to evaluate genetically engineered corn lines as they approach commercial release. Current studies look at combining semiochemicals with low doses of insecticides to control corn rootworm adults before they oviposit. Dr. Tollefson is leading ISU's efforts to decide if an area-wide management pilot project for corn rootworms using the semiochemcial baits is practical.

Dr. Tollefson recently completed a leave at Pennsylvania State University where he helped develop MAIZE, and Expert System for corn production. That experience created his academic interest in the development of knowledge-bases microcomputer systems for agricultural production.


Selected publications:

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